Decorate your garden by Feng Shui

Feng Shui garden has many differences then Western gardens where everything has to be organized in perfect order. Feng Shui garden is organized by the principle of Jing and Jang, dark and light areas of  space, massive sculptures by the pool or liquid water, winding lines and many others.


In this type of decoration paths are curvy and flowers and trees are planted in the way to represent copies of a natural landscape. If the path that leads to your entrance door is in the straight line, on both sides of the path you can place flowerpots, but you shouldn’t place them one opposite other. Different flowers in the pots can help you create the feeling of fluffiness and lightness. What Chi likes the most are curvy lines; it doesn’t matter if they’re small or they represent big landscapes. A good example is Great Chinese Wall.

29eb972095542e090c959db8334f99d9In the angles of your garden you should place flower pots with high plants, in that way you will create a mild circle in pace and at the same time you will be smoothing out the sharp angles. If you have high walls beside garden, then you should plant near them the tallest trees on one side and then gradually smaller plants. Trees and plants should be in proportion to space and changing the shape of the plans is not recommended.

If you follow the Feng Shui principle when decorating your garden, trees and plants that you intend to plant should be from the area where you live. Feng Shui particularly recommends that you plant pines because they are the symbol of eternity. Bamboo is the symbol of eternity, adaptability, and durability, it can grow on any land and it’s green during all seasons. Pine represents survival in difficult conditions and symbolizes strength and eternity. Peach is the symbol of spring and marriage. It is believed if you place a picture of peach in your bedroom, you will create a possibility for marriage if you are alone.

Considering the trees, you should plant them in the name of your ancestors, and any of that tree you should observe as a living person. Provide them special attention when you water them.

magnolia-magic-300-1If the garden is too big, it would be wise to plant few trees of willow closer to the street. Their branches will protect your garden from smog, noise and unwanted attention. When the flowers are in order, you have a large variety here, but Feng Shui likes the most magnolia, iris, lotus, chrysanthemum and others.

Maybe you have noticed that on some places near bridges, squares and streets is placed one stone that isn’t there by chance. His mission is to guard the area and to follow the situation. Lonely stone can be seen in some old houses, on the fields and in some modern houses. His mission is to guard family, that stone is never going to be sold or given as a present. If the family has to move that stone, they should find him better and quality place, that place can be decorated in modern sense, but stone should never leave the space that he is guarding. Feng Shui experts recommend that size of the stone should be around 30 cm.

If you don’t have the stone, you should look him out besides rivers in the woods or on the hill and his edges should be smooth. You can build a small log cabin have a look at ilikelogcabins for this task for birds and they will create positive energy and thoughts.